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by Nick Gandiello

A comedic drama about new American politics and new American families.

Featuring Gregory James, Maria Kakkar, Joseph Massi, Esau Pritchett, Jessica Wortham, and Elisabeth Yancey

Dramaturg - Rachel Lerner-Ley, Stage Manager - Tom Humes


2018 Roe Green Award Reading

Cleveland Play House New Ground Festival


103rd Season Announcement

at Cleveland Play House​

Featuring Lavour Addison, Alex Brightwell, Paul Bugallo, Mariah Burks, Connor Canning, Donald Carrier, Kasey Connolly, Sarah Cuneo, Comfort Dolo, Robert Barry Fleming, Peter Hargrave, Gregory James, Megan Medley, Abdul Seidu, Courtney Stennett, and Elizabeth Yancey

Staged readings from

Susan Hill's The Woman in Black by Stephen Mallatratt

Sweat by Lynn Nottage

An Iliad by Lisa Peterson and Dennis O'Hare (dir. Tara Flanagan)

Ken Ludwig's Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood

Native Gardens by Karen Zacarías (dir. Robert Barry Fleming)

The Wolves by Sarah DeLappe


#1MPF: One-Minute Play Festival

by Nathan Singer, Stacy Sims, Bekka Eaton, Brian Griffin, Andy Simpson, 

Trey Tatum, and Eileen Tull

Seven one-minute plays in Cincinnati's inaugural year in the national 1MPF
Featuring Nicole Jeannine Smith, Charlie Roetting, Andrew Bishop, Kat Reynolds , and Piper N. Davis; AD, Sara Tripp Swartout.


National 1MPF, Know Theatre of Cincinnati

Watch archived livestream here (12:07-19:04)


Uncertainty / Principle by Jacob Marx Rice
A new play workshop on god and quantum physics

FeaturingKate Dearing, Kyle Cameron, Brian Shaffer, Rebeca Fong, Martin Boersma, and Caroline Gart; Dramaturgy by Katie Craddock


Developmental workshop, The Cake Shop, MTC Studios

(The Musical)
by Yonatan Sallmander


A ten-minute, drinking-game musical and pharmacology ballet

Featuring Emily Wallen,

Sidney Erik Wright,

and Casey Hayes-Deats


Choreography by

Sidney Erik Wright


Tiny Rhino July Edition

Ugly Rhino, Brooklyn Lyceum

The Yellow Boat by David Saar


A school-touring production of David Saar's TYA masterpiece

Featuring Jodi Innerfield, Kathryn Maslak, Dan Aprahamian, Victoria Ugarte, 

Zach Dyer, and Amy Duncan


Columbia University Community Impact

PS94 Kings College School, Bronx, NY


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