adapted by James Still 

A modern adaptation of the classic children's story.                                                  

Kiddstuff @ The Hangar Theatre | July 2016 | The Hangar Theatre Mainstage, Ithaca, NY
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"Steve is turning four years old but would give anything to be like his big, 12-year-old brother Ben. But when Steve can't play football with the big kids, he begins an unlikely new friendship with a nearly forgotten stuffed velveteen rabbit. Together, Steve and Velveteen face the most exciting and challenging parts of being a kid. Steven learns what it takes to grow up, Velveteen finds his role in the nursery, and Ben begins to see his little bro as more than an annoyance after unexpected illness strikes. At once adventurous, silly, and heartfelt, The Velveteen Rabbit is an imaginative exploration of childhood, friendship, brotherly love, and how we're never quite as lonely as we might sometimes feel."

Performed on the thrust mainstage of the Hangar Theatre.

Featuring Noah Virgile, Austin Spero, Mia Bergstrom, Sophie Laruelle, Kyle Brown, James Kenna, Christine Lee, Andrea Abello, Rachel Ravel, and Anique Mercier

Scenic - Matthew Crane, Costumes - Danita Lee, Lighting - Emily Clarkson, Sound - Almeda Beynon

PSM - Jessica Kate Matthews, AD - David Kahawaii III, Dramaturg - Petra Lord

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© 2018      Photo by Adina Rose Levin