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© 2018      Photo by Adina Rose Levin
Three short plays at the Workshop at Williamstown Theatre Festival
Julia Jordan | Bekah Brunstetter | Josh Koenigsberg | Summer 2013
Teenage girls venture into the night for clandestine skinny dipping... A father and daughter plan their next move the in wake of a devastating earthquake... Chet Montana, disco cowboy and master hypnotist, meets his match...

Williamstown Shorts

Nightswim by Julia Jordan


Featuring Lizzie Stanton

and Kirra Silver


Gaping Mouth of a Hungry Earth

by Bekah Brunstetter


Featuring Brian Evans,

Jac O'Brien,

and Melissa Martin

Chet Montana, Master Hypnotist 

by Josh Koenigsberg


Featuring Ian Mather, Arianna Geneson,

Matt Ketai, and Rita Thompson