by Aristophanes, in a new version by Catherine Weingarten


Trashy, heightened Greek comedy with a postmodern twist.                                                        Production Website

Stone on a Walk | July 2015 | Simple Space, Cincinnati, OH

"The women of Greece give their husbands an ultimatum: sex or war, you can only have one. Almost 2500 years later, Aristophanes's political satire and dirty comedy shine through adaptor Catherine Weingarten's cheeky updates and our own modern context of gender, power, and war - celebrating and lacerating erections, elections, fake pregnancies, and girl power in the same breath. You won't look at war the same after seeing how hard the last few inches to peace can be." 


Performed alley-style (audience seated on two parallel sides of playing space) in a Cincinnati storefront.

Featuring Carrington Rowe, Burgess Byrd, Nicole Jeannine Smith, Katrina Reynolds, Leah Heisel, Andy Simpson

Scenic - Sarah Beth Hall, Costumes - Jessica Hafer, Sound - August Dice, SM/AD/Dramaturg - Sara Tripp Swartout

"Revel in its bawdy mythology... Lupica stages the show well and maximizes the potential of a make shift theatre"

- Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic


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